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Post Pro is a media production company that specializes in social media, graphic design, web and mobile development and video/film production based in Lebanon.
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We blog about social media, video production, graphic design and web and mobile development

WEBINAR: Social Media for Non Governmental Organizations – What Works, and What Doesn’t?

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5 Keys to Learning How to Be a Filmmaker

Whether you decide to go to film school or not, learning the ins and outs of making a film from the ground up is a challenging endeavor. And even though there’s a bounty of free resources available to you on the internet to teach you how to frame a shot, edit a scene, and record audio, your education extends much further than the glowing screen of your computer. In this video, Simon Cade of DSLRguide talks about what his film education has looked like since he finished school, and offers some ideas on how to make yours as effective as you can.

Video: 6 Tips for Photographers Who Want to Get into filmmaking

Here are some helpful tips for all of you photographers looking to cross over to filmmaking

Though photography and filmmaking are very similar crafts there are definitely inherent technical and artistic differences, and if you’re a photographer looking to get your cinematic feet wet, you might want to learn a few of them. In this video from Mango Street, videographers from White in Revery share some tips on how to make the transition from photographer to filmmaker a little more smooth, as well as what to look out for when capturing moving images. Check it out below:

Lalezar, a multi-script display typeface for popular culture

During the 1960s and 1970s, a genre of filmmaking emerged in Iran, which was commonly known as Film-Farsi. The main focus of the films produced in this period was on popular subjects such as sexual romances, musicals, and unrealistic heroic characters. The movie posters designed to represent these films were also intended to exaggerate these elements by the use of provocative imagery and a particular type of display lettering. These bold and dynamic letterforms were so popular and widely used that perhaps one can consider them the most significant component of film posters in that period.